Since 2001, I traveled everywhere in the province of Québec to guide for fishing and hunting. From Nunavut to Gaspé's Peninsula and passing by the North Shore of St-Laurence River, I had the opportunity to learn this exciting job with work mates and clients as much passionate as I am.
Born in the Matapedia Valley, I've been initiated into fresh water fishing and hunting from my early childhood. I also always had an interest about dogs for sleddind and I adopted my first husky when I was 12 years old. In 2011, I started offering a guiding service for dog sleddind and Atlantic salmon fishing in Matapedia Valley and in Matane area. At first we were known as ''Maxime Fournier Outdoor's Guide'' and recently we bought an outfitter liscence to provide you package including lodging with our services of guiding.
I spent all my life outdoor's  for fishing, hunting and dog sledding so I'm qualified to give you the best advices and to recommand you the best package for the conditions you will encounter during your next trip. 

Maxime Fournier, Outdoor's Guide

Phone: 418-629-6459
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