For me fishing is a thrue passion I will be happy to share with you if we have the opportunity to spend time together on the water.
When I caught my first atlantic salmon on the Matapedia River, I knew I was hooked for the rest of my life. This moment had also influenced me to become  a guide few years later. I was only 15 years old but I already knew that I would spend most of my time for fishing every summer that I could.
20 years later I still enjoy every day and every catch like if it was the first time. 
In the past years I helped hundreds of fishermen to fight with their first salmon and I believe it is the best part of my job!
The Gaspe's Peninsula is renown to be one the best destination in the world for atlantic salmon fishing.
Every year, people from everywhere come to see the cristal clear water of these rivers with the hope to have a salmon on the line.
Atlantic salmon is a fish very hard to catch. He is not feeding in the river what makes the challenge bigger for the sportsman who wants to catch him. However when I guide, I still have an average over one salmon for every day of fishing wich is consider to be very good. 
Only flyfishing is allowed and it may be only catch and release on certain period or certain rivers. 

Maxime Fournier, Outdoor's Guide

Phone: 418-629-6459
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