Matane River

Take advantage of my experience to make you discover the best pools and secrets spots of the Matane River. All season long, I will be able to advise you on appropriate technics, spots and flies to experience success on Matane River. This river is renown to be a place easy to flyfish. An average fisherman can reach most of salmons in this river wading with a single hand rod. I recommand this river for beginners. It is such a lovely place to fish with dry flies but fishing with wet flies is also very effective. Half of the river is divided in four managed sectors where the number of fishermen is limited. In the other half there is no limit of anglers but quality of fishing is also very interesting.
You can count on 79 ascertained pools and there's also several places where you can catch salmons in between. From is beginning in the Reserve Faunique de Matane, this rivers leaks to the St-Laurence River 105km further. The fishing season starts in middle of June but at this time you're better fish the lower part of the river. For the others sectors upper in the river, the prime time begins around July 10th. The ''Société de Gestion de la Rivière Matane'' (SOGERM) is taking care of the management of this river.
Guiding rates
One or two fishermen: 350$
**Prices NOT INCLUDED entry fees and licenses**

Maxime Fournier, Outdoor's Guide

Phone: 418-629-6459
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