Moose hunting

Live the experience to hunt the area in province of Quebec with the highest density of moose. Very few outfitters are providing moose hunting in our zone but we are one of them.
Our private land 15 minutes away from the renown ''Réserve Faunique de Matane'' is the perfect place to hunt safely where you are sure you won't be bother by anybody.
Our land is very well managed with impeccable roads, recents wood cuttings, many tree stands, blinds and salt licks.
Here in Gaspe's Peninsula we have three differents seasons for moose hunting. 
The first one is the archery season wich begins in the end of September and fits right in the prime time of the rut. You can hunt only with a bow or a crossbow during this season.
After, you have the firearm season wich is most a hunt that concerns the feeding zone of the moose and the salt licks. Mooses can still answer to the call but not as much as they do in archery season. 
Both of these two seasons last nine days each.
And then you have the muzzleloading rifles season wich last only four days.
After the moose hunting season, it is possible to hunt for small games. Our land have interesting ruffed grouse population and american hare in some areas.
95$ per hunter with lodging included.

Maxime Fournier, Outdoor's Guide

Phone: 418-629-6459
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